Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sewing machine cover from recycled pillowcase

This is something I made a while back. I just needed something to put over my sewing machine so it wouldn't get so dusty while it was out of its case.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to take pictures while I was making this, so I'm using the blue pillowcase below as the "before" reference and the yellow sewing machine cover as the "after" picture.

Here's what it looks like inside out. The opening of the original pillowcase wasn't wide enough to fit over the sewing machine. So, I unpicked the side seam of the pillowcase and made that the new opening. Then, I cut off the original pillowcase hem so that the sewing machine cover was the right size for my machine and then I stitched this side closed. Then I made a large double fold hem on the opening of the sewing machine cover.

When I put this over my sewing machine, there was a lot of leftover fabric on the corners and I didn't like how it was flopping over. So, I mitered the corners a bit so that the cover was tapered at the top.

So, this is what the final cover looks like:

And here it is in action, covering my machine:

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