Monday, July 25, 2011

Table socks

Yes, table socks.

That's what I made this morning.

The sticky felt things under the kitchen table have been sliding around and coming off.  We were getting tired of replacing them every couple of days.

I made these table socks in hopes of keeping those sticky felt things on.  The socks actually cover the sticky felt thing, so I'm not sure if the felt is really necessary anymore but I kept it on, figuring that it might make the socks last longer.

The sock is basically a circular drawstring pouch.  For each sock, I cut two circles and stitched them right sides together, leaving an opening to turn it inside out. 


After turning it right side out, I stitched a line about 1/4" from the edge, creating a casing from the drawstring.  I tried a few different strategies for making the socks, including one where, instead of stitching it right sides together and turning it right side out, I stitched it wrong sides together with a zigzag stitch (this is the one in the top right of the centre picture below).  The socks were made from the hem of an abaya that I had shortened for Aunty last week.  The picture below, on the right, shows what remains of that hem.

To put these socks on, I placed the open sock under the foot of the table and then pulled and tied the drawstring.


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