Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adding belt loops to pants

I really like these pants (thanks Aysha!). Having just recently bought the belt I need to keep them up, I noticed that these pants are sorely lacking in belt loops (aside from that one in the centre back, there are only two more in the front). So, I decided to do a little transplant... taking the loops from these pants (which had already been partly recycled into a girl's dress and my patchwork ball).

First, I unpicked the belt loops from the old pair of pants.

Then, in my new pair of pants, I unpicked a little bit of the waistband where I want to transplant the belt loop (I just unpicked a few stitches just beside where my finger is).  And I inserted the transplanted belt loop.

I secured the bottom of the belt loop by re-stitching the two rows of stitching that I had unpicked.  Then I folded the belt loop in place and I secured the top of the belt loop using two or three rows of straight stitching on top of each other, followed by a tight zigzag stitch (I actually used a button hole stitch).

I just repeated that with the other belt loop and that was it!  So simple, yet it makes such a difference!

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