Friday, May 20, 2011

Gingham yoga bag #3

I didn't have enough orange fabric to make the drawstring closure like the first gingham yoga bag. So, this one is very similar to gingham yoga bag #2.

On the outside, the main differences are that there's no trim around the pocket and the strap is attached a little differently.

But the real difference with this bag is the seam finishes. I used a flat felled seam on the body of the bag (which I learned to do from this tutorial). This was not a very bright idea because doing the top stitching on a long and narrow tube is really really tricky but I was pleased with the result. It's very neat on the outside and inside (just to orient yourself -- the orange stitching in the picture on the right is where the strap is attached to the bag).

Overall, what I liked most about this bag is the neatness of the finishes. Here you can see the finish on the drawstring casing and the inside of the bottom of the bag. It looks pretty much like the outside -- especially because the gingham doesn't have a right and wrong side. The way you can tell this is the inside is from the inside of a flat felled seam you can see three rows of stitching and from you outside you see only two. (now that I look at it, because of the gingham pattern, it's hard to see the third row of stitching on the inside of the flat felled seam in the picture below. You'll just have to take my word for it)

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