Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sewing High

You know running high or runner's high -- i.e. the really good feeling you get after going out for a run? I get that from sewing (and from running too -- but this blog is about sewing).

I think it's the challenge of putting things together in a way that works -- i.e. in a way that the physical pieces attach properly, the seams are neatly finished and the final product is functional. It's an intellectual challenge but it's got a physical element to it (obviously not a muscles and heart rate type of physical but physical in that you're using your hands as well as your brain).

And there's a sense of control you get from being able think about something, do a little work and then make that thing you were thinking about. You're turning your thoughts into reality.

And then when you're done, there's that sense of accomplishment. It's different from the sense of accomplishment from finishing an essay or an assignment or a project at work (although those are good too). When you finish a sewing project, your accomplishment is very clear for anyone to see what you've done. You started with fabrics and now you have a finished thing that someone can wear and use. Clear and simple. I love it!

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