Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My New Yoga Bag!

Here's yet another recycled shirt project from an old Girl Guide uniform. I've got a whole series of these now. With my other uniform I made a series of pouches and bags and a reversible camera bag which was lined with the fabric from Girl Guide pants.

I had bought this other uniform a couple of years ago when it was on clearance at the Girl Guide store (the Girl Guide uniform had changed making this old uniform style obsolete). The sleeves and cuffs had been made into two shoe bags and a pouch at the recycle a shirt class and I was left with the middle bit of the shirt (or basically a shirt with very short sleeves).

I finally got to use what was left of the shirt for this yoga bag (thanks to Sahar for the suggestion). I used blue fabric from the old uniform pants to add contrast (thanks to Aunty for that suggestion). I cut out circles from the pants pockets to make the bottom of the bag and used the waist band for the strap . And then with Aysha's help, here's what we came up with:

Here's another view of the waistband/strap:

And there was this fold/pleat thing in the centre back of the shirt that I didn't want to go to waste, so I used it to make secret pockets (which are no longer very secret). On the outside, there are four pockets for pens (two near the top of the bag and two near the bottom).

And then on the inside, I used that fold/pleat thing in the centre back of the shirt to make secret pockets for money and TTC tokens. Here's the inside of the open yoga bag and some closer up views of the money pocket and the token pockets:

To make the bag, I used Amy Butler's Nigella Yoga Bag pattern, which you can get free here and then I modified it (I didn't make the pockets that the pattern calls for and I didn't make a lining). Thank you again to Aysha for showing me the pattern and helping me modify it and sew on that tricky circle on the bottom!

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