Thursday, September 3, 2009

My recycled shirt

Here's what I made at the recycle a shirt class and the tote bag class, plus what I did with the rest of the shirt:

From the sleeves and cuffs I made two shoe bags and a pouch. The pouch is made from the two cuffs sewn together. These are super easy projects.

From the body of the shirt, I made a lined, reversible bag. The blue fabric is from a recycled shawl. The pocket is one of the front pockets of the shirt. This one is a little more complicated. Making the straps took much longer than I anticipated. But it looks pretty cool, huh?

With the rest of the shirt, I made a bag for my laptop accessories.

A view of the internal pockets:

There was still a bit left of the shirt (it was a long shirt). I made a bag of sorts with the remaining collar and top, front part of the shirt but it's not really presentable. If I can figure something out with it, I'll post pictures of that too.

1 comment:

gunksdesigns said...

I love them.Yusuf is impressed too.
I especially like the small one with all the pockets.That's really clever.


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