Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Origami frog!

Please excuse yet another non-sewing related post.  This is just something else I had to share.

This origami frog has provided countless hours of entertainment for children (and non-children) I've known.  It's great for warding off boredom when all you have is paper and limited space.  It's less disruptive than paper airplanes and considerably more fun than a paper crane.

Without further ado, here's how you make this origami frog!
Make the Waterbomb Base

Fold the paper in half to make a vertical crease down the middle. Unfold it and fold in half again to make a horizontal crease across the middle. Flip the paper over.

Fold in half diagonally (making a triangle) and unfold. Fold in half diagonally the other way and unfold so that you have two diagonal creases.

Bring the middle points of the two sides together and towards the middle point of the bottom edge.  Bring the top edge of the paper down to touch the bottom.  This triangle shape is the Waterbomb Base.

Make the top of the frog - the legs

Fold one side of the triangle to the crease in the middle of the Waterbomb Base.  Repeat with the other side.


Fold each of the legs out as shown below (it's too hard to explain this in words).

Make the bottom of the frog

Flip the frog over.

Fold the the bottom points of the Waterbomb Base up to meet the top point.

Fold the side points of the diamond shape towards the middle (again, hopefully it's clearer in the picture).

Fold out the two flaps at the top of the frog.  These will be the frog's arms.

Fold the frog so it can jump

Fold the bottom of the frog up towards the top.

Fold the legs and lower back down as shown in the picture below.  Turn the frog over.

To make it jump, press down on the back of the frog and let your finger slip off of the frog's back.

Thank you to Medina for taking the pictures!

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Hafsa said...

thank you for this! Can't wait to try :D


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