Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful Thanksgiving Weekend

This has nothing to do with sewing, but it is about Toronto...

We are in the midst of a beautiful Thanksgiving long weekend in Toronto right now.

Yesterday, Aunty and I took advantage of the beautiful day and finally used the Groupons I had bought in April for Toronto Harbour Tours.  Our ship captain and first mate, Caroline and Rob, gave us a very entertaining tour of the harbour as they took us to the Toronto Islands.

View of Toronto from Deep Pike Cut (one of the channels between islands).

The island itself (which is actually made up of several islands connected by bridges -- one of many things we learned on the tour) was gorgeous!  The lawns were perfectly manicured, people were having barbecues and going around on rented bicycles, tandem bikes and quadricycles (for 4 people) and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather to enjoy it and take it all in.

It must be butterfly migration season because I've never seen so many Monarch butterflies in one place.

Can you see all the butterflies?

We also saw ducks and geese and swans...

...and some of the leaves were changing colour.

Ducks swimming by Far Enough Farm on Centre Island.

Of course, on the way back to Toronto, we had to take a classic picture of the Toronto skyline (I'm building a collection of these now).

Definitely lots to be thankful for!

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In case you didn't find all the butterflies in the picture above, here they are:


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