Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drawstring bags from recycled handkerchiefs

Here's a super simple project.  Take one, two, or three handkerchiefs, some string (I used a lanyard from a plastic name tag holder) and make drawstring bags.  There are no seams to finish, no fabric to cut -- I didn't even do any pinning!  The whole thing just took a few minutes.

Now, what can we do with these?  The large one can be used for fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.  Although most of us use reusable bags for our shopping, we still use lots of little plastic bags for produce.  These drawstring bags are an environmentally friendly alternative.  This is what No Impact Man used when he challenged himself and his family not to create any garbage for one year.

As for the smaller bags, I didn't have a use in mind when I made them.  I guess they could also be used for produce (grapes? cherries? mushrooms?).  After using three handkerchiefs to make a bag, I just wanted to see what it would look like if I used two and one.  And now I know.  I gave these bags to my friend Sadia.  I'm sure she and or her kids can find good uses for them.

Making these bags is also a good activity for kids since these can easily be hand sewn.

In Girl Guides, we make drawstring bags like this from tea towels and we put our dishes and cups in them.  We call them ditty bags.  After each meal, each girl washes her dishes and puts them into her puts her dishes, cup and cutlery into the bag and we hang the bags on hooks.  By the next meal, the dishes are dry and ready to use again.

Another look at the bags:

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