Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Pouch

Have you ever carried a book in your bag and then over the course of your day, had some soy sauce leak out of your lunch and get onto the book?

No? Is it just me?

Anyways, since this happened to me many years ago, I've tried to carry my books, especially my Qur'an, in some sort of little pouch to protect it from things like soy sauce or whatever else is in my bag that could cause it harm.

For the longest time (>10 years!) that little pouch was a thick plastic ziplock bag, which I got from Canadian Blood Services after my first blood donation. Alas, 10 years is a long time and at the end of its days, the plastic in that ziplock bag started to get brittle and little pieces would fall off when I opened the bag. I finally had to retire it.

So, I had to make a new pouch. I used up more of that gingham and used the simple pouch pattern that I've used before to make a cutlery holder and change purse.

The bag opens like one of those old sandwich bags with the fold on the top.

You just put your book in and you're good to go!

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