Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another yoga bag - Gingham bag #1

I was so happy with the yoga bag I made last week, that I've gone on a bit of a yoga-bag-making binge. I had a large piece of heavy gingham (about 60" x 60") in the fabric stash, which I got from Aysha. From that gingham, I managed to cut out the main pieces (i.e. the body and pocket) to make 4 yoga bags. I'm using other scraps to make the bottom circle and the strap. I'm also trying some different drawstring closures.

The original Amy Butler pattern makes a bag that is open at the top -- which is cool too -- but I thought I'd try something different. I also didn't make the lining that the pattern calls for. Since my gingham is so heavy and it doesn't have a right and wrong side to it, Aunty told me that lining would be unnecessary (and a waste of fabric).

Here's the first bag:

And a top view:

And another view of the drawstring closure:

Here's a close-up of the drawstring closure when the bag is turned inside out. You can see the French seams that I used here. I wish I could make the drawstring bit a little neater, though:

For the next bag, I'm going to try using a narrower strap (this one used a piece of fabric 14 inches wide, which resulted in a 3.5" wide strap). I'm also going to try a different drawstring closure.

Stay tuned!

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